ways that you can learn to earn

Steps to Earn Money while surfing! 950 $ per month

 they are 100% legit but their earning speed is very poor for the first time. so most people give up after using it for the first time.but you can earn more gradually so stick with it. it's super easy earning.
Join here :


Min withdaw is: 0.03$


 but hey , you're browsing the internet in the meanwhile , you're not turning on your pc because of this extension , you're using your pc for other purposes
Install the app on your browser i use brave browser  and use traffic excange websites that have browser exchange you will earn fast just have 2 cent in 1time 

Surfe.be is a site that pays you in dollars for viewing ads. I believe it has a great differential, as it has an extension for google chrome and you can used it on brave you can view and win in a few seconds.
In addition, it allows you to passively earn, as it opens small ads above or below (you choose what you like best)

Surfe.be - Banner advertising service

this steps where I can make money while surfing the net!

How this works?
You to to the surfe.be website
You register
You install the extension to your web browser
You surf the net! You notice that there is ad banners in your browser Banner display is passive and easy, you can't say this is hard work.


Watching videos does pay that  for me , it pays 0.001$ for a 60 seconds long video
Same thing for visiting pages

It gives 0.0007$ per visit !
And that way you earn money when the extension shows you ad banners

 I think the video that paid $0.005 was70 seconds, but I just leave the room and come back
I mainly use it for a passive earner with the banner display,
no work required, and use profit for advertising.

Referral bonus is:
You receive 10% from each pay in by advertisers on first level.
You receive 5% from each banner impression for users on 10 levels.

surfe.pro is for web owner where we can sell our website advertising place and earn money and there are same username and password for boths... I worked on surfe.pro and get paid too....

 it's work good on a phone
you have to use a PC and download their extention , this way you'll be earning much better



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