Sunday, 21 June 2020

Steps to Generate Bitcoin on the AdBtc Site

For part or all Bitcoin digital money fans surely already know, that on the internet there are many sites where to get Bitcoin as land side work to produce Bitcoin.

Of the many bitcoin-producing sites, there is a site that we consider very reliable, and the site name is AdBtc. AdBtc is a PTC (Paid To Click) advertising site, which will share Bitcoin with all members on condition.

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As a condition to get Bitcoin from AdBtc is very easy. All you have to do is register as a member and do the job of clicking ads or seeing ads for just a few seconds. To join as a member on the AdBtc site, please click Join AdBtc. After entering the site, please click Sign Up. Then fill in all the registration forms, including Email, Password and the things needed to register as a member.

Steps to Generate Bitcoin on the AdBtc Site.

After joining a member on the AdBtc site, there are several steps that must be done to get Bitcoin from the AdBtc site:
1. Login.
First thing to do is login in the dashboard or member area. By entering a Username or Email and Password that is registered.

2. Click Start Earning.
After entering the dashboard, a page will appear like the image below.


3. Surf Ads.
After clicking "START EARNING BTC", a page will appear as shown below.

Then, you click the button yellow "SURF ADS". Then, after completing the "SURF ADS" task, continue by clicking on the green button "AUTOSURFING". After completing the "AUTOSURFING" task, then continue clicking the blue button "ACTIVE WINDOW SURFING" until it's finished.

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