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  posting is an easy way to make money from the convenience of your home.  However, you may have also seen forums that are full of life with chat rooms, commenting, networking, and much more. If you enjoy socializing with great grammar skills, this may be ideal for you.




minimum withdraw only 1$ !! on on day

Beer Money Forums (BMF) is precisely where I would see my dad going to find out how to make money in the simplest fashion possible to fuel his endless fishing fantasy. Here you’ll find a group of guys that just simply want to make a little money on the side and are generally taken off topic by various other topics (fishing included).

I like it, though. I find it better for casual reading and its quite nice to get away from all the super intense Crypto speak. Of course, this forum really isn’t that much different from others, such as bitcointalk and isn’t nearly as active either, but there are certainly still people standing by to chat.

This forum isn’t totally focused on crypto, however, there is a pretty sizable discussion going on relating to several crypto topics. As of writing, there are over 33,500 crypto related posts and comments with the last one being less then 1 minute ago.

I love it. It’s not going to be the most mind blowing space for crypto information but it’s still a useful discussion board and contains copious amounts of information

 biznotes   minimum 1$

make up 2$ daily 

Members can earn BizNotes Points by:

1- Upon registration => 50 $BN
2- Posting new thread => 70 $BN
3- Post a reply => 50 $BN

NOTE: 1000BN    = 1$

 - Users must make a minimum of 25 posts.
- Users must not be in the same household or use the same IP address.
- Users must not register under a proxy server.
- Users must not violate any of our site Guidelines.
- Users must sign up using your referral link, which can be found here.
- You must not use any methods that are deemed malicious, fraudulent, or cheat the system for money.
- All of the 25 messages that your referral posts must adhere to our Terms of Service.



minimum withdraw only 1000 Satoshi


1.1 : Can i post a Copied material?

No, using copy paste content is not allowed in any section of this Forum.

1.2 : What is the proper format to post about a new Website on forum?

Website name Review: Legit or Scam?
Example (Bitcoindicussuonforum.com Review: Legit or Scam?)
You can replace: Bitcoindicussuonforum.com with website name or url you are promoting.

1.3 : Can I share a referral link on reviews I posted about any website I am promoting in this Forum?

In reviews section you are allowed to Post referral link but on Discussion Forum you are not allowed to post any referral link.

1.4 : Can i post review on any website I want on this forum?

Yes, you can post a review on any website but make sure review of that website is not already posted by anyone else on our Forum. If you will create duplicate topic it will be deleted immediately.

What are the discussion sections in this Forum?

Cryptocurrencies Discussion
Bitcoin Discussion
Altcoin Discussion
Giveaways & Airdrops Dicussion
Mining Discussion
General Business Discussion
High Risk Investments Discussion
Online Earning Discussion
Internet Marketing Discussion
Webmaster Discussion
Search Engine Optimization Discussion
Programming and Design Discussion
BDF Discussion
Support Discussion
General Discussion

What are the review sections

E-currency Exchange Reviews
Crypto Wallets Reviews
Marketplace Reviews
Faucets Reviews
Freelance Platforms Reviews
Paid Surveys Reviews
PTC websites Reviews
Url Shortners Reviews
Paid to Upload Websites Reviews
Paid to Write Websites Reviews
Reward Apps Reviews

In which sections I will earn for creating threads and posts?

You will earn for creating threads in Reviews sections only. You will earn for replying in Both Reviews and Discussions Sections.

How much satoshi will I earn by posting or replying on posts on this forum?

You will earn 100 Satoshi Per Thread which you create and 10 Satoshi on each reply you will make on your own thread or on thread of anyone else.

1.5 : Why my new thread or reply was deleted?

If you made a duplicate thread or post copied content from other websites then it will be deleted. Before creating a thread make sure to check it first on our forum to make sure its not duplicate.

1.6 : Can I my account get Banned?

Yes, your account can get banned if we find copied content posted by you.

Why my Balance deducted sometimes?

When a thread or post created by you is deleted due to copyright issue then credits earned from that thread or post will be deleted.

1.7: Is there any posting limits?

Rigth now you can post up to 5 threads per hour.

1.8 : Is there any charater limit to receive earnings from my Posts?

Yes, your Thread must be atleast 80 Characters long in ord



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