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the best 7 sites to learn drawing for free

 In my opinion, there is no “best” source for learning how to draw. There are infinite ways to draw, and whatever works for you is what you want to search for. How do you figure out how you want to draw? Expose yourself to many different ways of drawing, only by learning multiple approaches to drawing that are different can you eventually figure out what works best for you.

There is lots of material online. Specially video classes are great. I’ll give some youtube links to browse,

1- Learn to draw.com, learn how to draw online for FREE!

Do you want to learn how to draw? Now you can online - for FREE! Learn how to draw like an artist - from a professional artist. Begin by learning the fundamentals of drawing like shading with easy to follow interactive instruction. Learn how to draw people, both their faces and bodies. Take drawing people further and learn how to draw a caricature of that person!

2-  Want to Learn How to Draw? Start Your Lessons Here

 Learning how to draw is easier than you think. Start here with these free online, step by step lessons. This introduces the sections of this website you'll want to visit, to cover all the skills you need to learn to draw well. You'll find drawing lessons, tips on materials, keeping a sketchbook, and ways to connect with other artists and get feedback on your work.

3 -Download and install below app in your iOS devices to learn drawing

Enjoy learning to draw with these easy tutorials.
- Learn to draw faces, doodles, cartoon characters
- See how to draw the human body

5- The Drawing Website

The website is helpful to all novices in drawing. Here you can learn to draw cartoons,

6- Artprof.org
ll of our content is free, and we have a many drawing tutorials, critiques, art supply info, pro development resources, and much more. If you register on the site (registration is free!) you can ask questions to our experienced staff on our “Ask” page

7-  www.thedrawingsource.com

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