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Free Udemy Coupon :Build a Big and Profitable Email List of Loyal Subscribers

Learn all the tips and techniques that are essential to building a large list of loyal subscribers with high conversion

Just like there's more than one way to skin a cat, there's also more than one way to successfully build your email list. In this course, we have endeavoured to provide you with only the best and most effective parts of various list building techniques.

In the first part of the course you shown what exactly a list is and why is it crucial for you to build one.

You are then taken through the Ace List Building Method that introduces you to all the fundamental concepts and techniques of list building, such as:

How to create the perfect Squeeze Page
Email automation and autoresponders
Generating traffic and leads
Monetising your list

In the next section, we delve a little deeper and look at concepts like:
How to use an autoresponder effectively
Getting people to sign up
How to provide valuable content that allows you to engage with your readers
Setting up your List Building Action Plan Checklist

In Section 4 you are introduced to the power of give-aways and taught how you can use this amazing list-building technique to maximise your list conversion rate.

Lastly, as a special bonus, you are shown how you can use WordPress blogs to build your niche email list.

Then, just before we say goodbye, we provide you with a whole host of resources, tools, reports, templates and eBooks that will send you on your way to becoming an Email List Building Superstar!

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