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How actually this smart platform works?

 A Platform Which Connects Bloggers to Brands
Blogmint is a smart platform! Blogmint is India’s 1st automated platform that connects brands and bloggers. Blogmint helps brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content. Blogmint offers transparent pricing and real time campaign analytics for every piece of content. Get hard ROI and measure the impact down to the dollar. With more than 10,000 influencers to engage with, your next influencer marketing campaign is just a click away.For Brands – Over 70% purchase decisions are influenced by social media advocates.

Blogmint enables brands to leverage targeted advocates in the form of bloggers, vloggers and micro-bloggers.
With Blogmint, brands can run blogger outreach campaigns for product launches, affiliate marketing and brand awareness
in one click.
For Bloggers – Do what you love, have fun, try latest products of your favorite brands, and earn big.
Blogmint is passionate about enabling Bloggers to monetize their content and take Blogging as serious and full time profession.
Blogmint endeavors to provide sufficient opportunities to them to make it happen. Our aim is to match right Brands and Bloggers
and we encourage Bloggers to create authentic content as per the needs of their audience.
How actually this smart platform works?
Its working is quite simple and easy! Let us understand how?

 .Apply for a post and write the bidding amount which you would like to charge for writing sponsored post.
. After bidding , the brand will go for a review of your website and check the fare price and eligibility of your blog!
After your application is approved , write a post and submit a draft for approval .
. After your draft gets approved post that article on your website with good images and proper presentation.

For Brands
For Bloggers


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