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Hijacking Free Blogs To Get High Pr Domains

The idea is to get high PR blogs for yourself that are expired/deleted, so you re-register them
this method Do-Follow Backlinks  Organic Traffic  for  free
Go to the site and register  papaly.com

Here is a example of a user profile:

Help Section:

Create new cards "categories" and submit your favorite links within your custom categories!
Create a new board click the + and to delete or edit a board click edit on the far right side

Don't forget to change your username in the settings on the right side!
Remember be creative and make your profile special!

You can attached your webpages posts to your card "category" to generate relevant backlinks to your site! Enjoy! Don't forget to add additional content to boost relevancy and authority!

Have fun and be apart of a growing community that gets over 2,000+ registers a day!

Additional note: If you want to get your profile/boards crawled faster post your profile on social channels/external sites! Get page 1 results for low/medium competition near instantly when crawled!


STEP1: Scrape a list of url's for LiveJournal.com
STEP2: Check pagerank
STEP3: Run them through Addon live checker
STEP4: There is a little catch on this, you have to pay $15,- to re-register the domain.

METHOD-3: (revised tumblr trick)

STEP1: Create an account at Tumblr.com
STEP2: Harvest a list of high PR blogs using this searchstring: site:tumblr.com/post/ that way you get the pages of the blogs
STEP3: Fill in your own website in the tumblr profile
STEP4: Reblog the pages that you scraped

All these methods work 100% right now. Don't over do it on each account, 10-20 of PR5+ links for the Tumblr and Youtube trick is plenty to get your moneysite to PR3-PR4. When using multiple accounts on each site make sure you use proxys or a VPN service and run CCCleaner each time you setup a new account to clear cache/cookie's and what not Have fun with it!


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