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how to accumulate a ton of Karma on Reddit.

how to accumulate a ton of Karma on Reddit.If you are here, you definitely already know what Reddit and Karma are. I have no clue as to why you would want to collect Karma and what you would do with it, but I do know that building up Karma points is not so difficult.

how to accumulate a ton of Karma on Reddit

 Tip # 1 - Good Ol' reposts!!
Step 1 :-  If you find an interesting or funny image on /r/pics, save it on your system

Step 2 :-  After about two weeks or a month, post this image again on /r/pics with a different title.

Step 3 :-  If you are too lazy then same title will do, but you will probably get more downvotes and lesser Karma.

Tip# 2 - Comment Karma
After you have posted an image on /r/pics, include a comment in your own post with a brief description of the image. This way, if your post is getting upvotes, there are high chances that your comment will also get upvoted. For e.g -  In the "Would you live here?"  post , write a comment describing the place.

Tip # 3 - Douche Bag Parking
Step 1:- Drive your car into an empty parking lot.

Step 2:- Double park your car wrongly on the line separating the two parking lots.

Step 3:- For more Karma, park your car awkwardly taking up two handicapped parking spaces.

Step 4:- For even more Karma, the flashier the car the better.

Step 5:- Take a pic of the wrongly parked car.

Step 6:-  Blur the numberplate on the car image.

Step 7:- Post this image on /r/pics with a nasty title bitching about the car owner. for e.g "Douche Bag Parking!!"

Tip # 4 - Would You Live Here?
Step 1 :-  Image search on google for "beautiful sceneries" or "scenic pictures".

Step 2 :-  Pick an image that pleases you the most.

Step 3 :-  Create a post in /r/pics with the title "Would You Live Here?" and link it to the above image.

Tip # 5 - Capitalize on memes
Step 1:- Go to a meme generator website 

Step 2:- Choose a popular meme

Step 3:- Think of a funny caption that is relevant to the meme.

Step 4:- Post it on /r/pics

Tip # 6 - Cat pics and More Cat pics!!
Step 1:- Have a cat as a pet

Step 2:- Wait for it when you can take a cute pic of your cat.

Step 3:- If Step 1 and Step 2 are too much of a hassle, google for a cute cat picture.

Step 4:- Post it on /r/pics

Tip # 7 - Funny GIF files !!
Step 1:-  Find a funny video on YouTube. The more recent the better.

Step 2:- Go to a gif creator website like GIFSOUP. Convert the video to a GIF

Step 3:- If Step 1 and 2 are too much of hassle then go to Funny GIF sites like GIFBIN.  Right click on a funny gif and save it.

Step 4:- Think of a funny caption.

Step 5:- Post the gif file on /r/pics

Tip # 8 - Picture and few words!
Step 1:-  Find a picture of these personalities Neil Degrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Louis CK, Carl Sagan or Aziz Ansari

Step 2:-  Go to youtube and pick any of their interesting quotes

Step 3:- Edit the quote on the picture

Step 4:- Post the pic file on /r/pics or /r/atheism (based on the personality)

Tip # 9 - TIL and Wikipedia!

Step 1:-  Go to Wikipedia and press alt-shift-x on the keyboard or click on the Random Article link. This should bring you to a random article on Wikipedia.

Step 2:-  Find an interesting fact from the article. If you don't find any, keep clicking on Random Article until you find one.

Step 4:- Use the interesting fact as the title and post a link to the article in /r/TIL

Tip # 10 - Birthdays!
Step 1:-  Pick a celebrity who will resonate well with reddit community (like Louis CK, Bill Nye etc). 

Step 2:-  Find out when their birthdays are. You could refer to http://www.famousbirthdays.com/ if you are running out of ideas.

Step 4:- Post on reddit wishing the celebrity on their birthday and with a picture with a funny/famous quote of theirs.


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