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Extreme Forum Marketing Strategy

Extreme Forum Marketing Strategy
Extreme Forum Marketing Strategy

The methods I'm about to show you are really easy and don't need any hard work but the way you approach it is very important. First thing to do is find popular forums in your niche. Next you need to find out who are the moderators and admins of the forum.

These are the people who have a lot of influence on the forum they can also move, delete and edit posts among a lot of other things. All you need to do is leverage their influence to promote your offer. But before we talk about the strategies let's discuss the right way to approach this ninja trick.

Key Elements to Forum Marketing

There are a lot of different forums in any niche, so you need to find the most active once for this to work well. First thing is to look at the number of users the forum has, you can go with any active forum that has 5000+ members. You can go to Alexa to see how popular the forum is and where it ranks.

Next you need to find out who are the admins and moderators of the forum. Be careful though, some moderators are not that influential, look for someone who's active. Then create a mutual partnership that will be benefitial to both the moderator and you.

Leveraging Sticky Posts

Have you ever noticed how fast threads go down and vanish to deeper pages on forums? In some sections of the forum, posts only last a few hours in the front page. But if you create a sticky post, your thread will stay at the top and get a lot of views.

As new threads keep coming, your sticky post will stay at the top and this will get you tons of exposure. That is why it is important to work with moderators/admin to leverage the sticky posts section.

Powerful Signature Strategy

Obviously anyone can go and add their offer in the signature section. But how effective is it going to be? You'll need to provide a lot of value before anyone can trust you enough to click on your signature.

The best way is to strike a deal with the moderators (not the admin, as their usually not active people in the forum). The moderators usually have a lot more posts than you do and they're influential in the forum which will result in more clicks. 

They're always adding new threads and replies on the forum, that means more eyeballs for the signature. This is a great forum marketing strategy that you can use to get more exposure for your offer.

Crack an Email Blast Deal

Most forums don't email their users, except for the warrior forum that is always spamming me everyday 

But seriously, forum admins don't email their members. If you can crack a deal with an admin or moderator you can get them to email your offer to thousands of potential customers.

Most forums rely on banner ads, sticky posts, classified section etc. to generate an income and that doesn't bring in a lot of cash for them. Admins are always looking for better ways to monetize. So if you can give them a good offer they'll definitely take your deal.

Extreme Forum Marketing Strategy

An extreme way to get the most out of forum marketing is to buy the forum. If you have a good budget then go ahead and convince the admin to sell you the forum. If the prize is good the admin will say yes.

Most will say yes because they know that if they've built a popular forum once they can do it again even better as they've learnt a lot from their mistake, and they'll have a bigger budget after selling.

Become a Moderator on a Popular Forum

The best way to become a moderator on a forum is to be highly active and offer massive amount of value. Most moderators on forums have jobs (9 to 5) so they're not always there and admins are always looking for active moderators who will take care of spam.

I'm one of the moderators here on Webmaster Sun and I have a lot of benefits that ordinary members don't have. As a moderator I also have the right to vote for someone I think could be a potential mod for the forum. So if you're active and offering value one of the moderators can vote for you.

You can also contact the admin and ask how one can become a moderator. But once you're approved don't take advantage and start spamming the forum or do a lot of self promotion. Keep offering a lot of value.

Wrapping Up

You need to be careful when approaching a moderator of a forum, these people don't like spam and self promotion so you have to think outside the box. The best thing you can do is to re-brand or customize your offer and make it as if it's coming from the forum. Or do something special for those particular forum memebers.

One thing you have to know is that your offer will determine the moderator's or admin's answer. Most important, don't send the forum members to a sales page. Giveaway something for free, that will be more effective and it will increase the chance of getting a YES.

This goes without saying but whatever you're offering needs to be quality stuff and feel free to send the mods a demo or full version of the offer

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